1. General

The privacy statement of this website is entirely owned by the company under the name of the company – BZIOTIS-DEROS & Co.
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This Privacy Policy covers all personal data of visitors/users/members collected by the website, during the visit of its pages. The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of the services of our online store is subject to the terms of this agreement, as well as the relevant provisions of European and Greek legislation. This applies to the information we receive either from the visitors themselves, or from the use of our online store.

In the event that anyone has been directed to this website through a link from other websites, the company bears no responsibility for the terms of management and protection of personal data that they follow. Similarly, in the event that a visitor is directed to the websites of other companies that provide services of third parties, through a hyperlink of our online store, we bear no responsibility for the terms of management and protection of personal data that they follow. It is recommended that visitors read the respective privacy policies of these websites.

The following policy may be updated and for this reason we encourage visitors to our website to consult it from time to time. The date of the last update is indicated at the end of this policy.

2. Purpose of processing personal data

It is possible to browse the website without the need to provide any personal information. However, the personal data of visitors are needed in case of a request for subscription to the newsletter or if a visitor proceeds to order products.

The processing of visitors’ personal data is done:

For your service and the execution of orders, i.e. for receiving the order, invoicing and delivering it in the best possible way.
For the purpose of answering relevant questions and informing you about the progress of the order in question or any other information relating to it.
to improve the services provided by obtaining information from visitors about their browsing on the website
for the purposes of the technical management and development of the website and for the collection of statistical information
for the purposes of advertising products and/or personalising our offers
for the purposes of making suggestions or advertisements on the website

3. What data is collected

The website collects personal data when the visitor/user registers for its services. When the visitor/user registers on the website, the requested information is as follows: Name, Surname, Country, Geographical Area, Date of Birth, E-mail address, a password. For the execution of an order, the address and contact details (address and telephone number) of the customer are also collected, while the data necessary for payment by credit card are processed in a secure environment of the bank and the company and the online shop do not process the data in any way. The only case in which the company becomes aware of a customer’s account number or IBAN is if the customer requests a refund due to withdrawal. If an address other than the billing address is declared as the shipping address, the person’s necessary data for sending the order, such as full name and address, must be collected.

The personal data which are collected are limited to the data necessary to fulfil the above purposes and to serve our customers.

The company does not seek to collect information or conduct transactions with minors. It is the company’s firm policy that minors do not engage in transactions for its products and services without the consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

4. Legality of processing

The processing of customer personal data is always carried out provided that there is a legal basis.

Most of the data that the company processes is necessary for the execution of the contract between the company and the customer, i.e. for receiving the order, for invoicing it, for sending the order confirmation and payment and for sending the products purchased.

In some cases, the customers’ consent will be requested for data processing, such as for sending personalised offers or informative messages about the company’s products.

There may also be a legitimate interest in the processing of customer personal data, in cases of confirmation that the content of the website is displayed on a computer or tablet normally or to confirm that the correspondence we send for marketing purposes meets the interests of customers or to resolve any disputes between us and only if the personal rights and freedoms of customers are not affected in relation to the interests of the business.

Finally, we may process customer personal data in compliance with our legal obligations, e.g. for the purposes of fulfilling obligations imposed by tax legislation.


5. Data disclosure

The personal data declared in the online shop

is intended solely for the provision of the company’s services and the sale of our products. Any identification data of customers remains strictly confidential and may not be used by any third party.

Some customer personal data may be transferred to third party partners of the company, such as courier companies that broker the delivery of your orders, or IT and cloud technology service providers. This transfer is only made to countries within the EU and only for clearly defined purposes, and the company’s partners (processors) are checked for compliance with applicable data protection legislation, selected on the basis of their reliability in the field of service provision and personal data protection. In addition, all partners as well as the company’s staff are bound by confidentiality clauses in relation to the processing of personal data of customers.

In order to protect customer data, they are requested never to disclose the unique code number of your order to anyone by any means. Finally, the data kept may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities at their legitimate request and in accordance with the provisions in force at any given time.

6. Data retention period

The company shall retain only the data required for the execution, invoicing and dispatch of the customer’s order for the minimum period provided for by law, depending on the category of data. The remaining data are kept for a period of five (5) years for the convenience of customers in case of repetition of the same order and are deleted immediately afterwards.

7. The page (fanpage) at which manages this social media.

The purpose of processing the data of interested parties/customers (name, profile photo or any data that you disclose to us via personal message) via social media is to inform customers about new products and offers of the company as well as communication between the company and the legal basis of processing is the consent of interested parties/customers, which can be revoked at any time (unlike/unfollow).

In addition, anonymous data is collected about the browsing of users on the company’s websites.

8. Security measures

The company and the processors apply all reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect customer personal data against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or destruction; the measures also contribute to certify that this data is accurate and used correctly. Your connection is secure because it uses SSL (SecureSocketLayer) technology.

9. Customer rights.

Users have at any time the possibility of accessing and correcting-altering their personal data, which they themselves have registered when registering on the website through their account access.

In any case, we remind you that the company and the online store cannot control or store your personal passwords.

Furthermore, users who wish to be deleted from the website may request at any time the deletion of their personal data from the website by contacting the website administrator ( and providing the information requested.

It is reminded that in some cases, it may not be possible to delete customer data, either because the company is required by law to retain them for a certain period of time, or because the data is required to fulfil the company’s contractual obligations towards its customers.

In cases where the processing of customer data is based on the customer’s consent, such consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Finally, customers/users have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority – if they consider that their data are not being processed lawfully.

For any queries on personal data issues or to submit requests related to the above rights, please contact

Date of last review: 23/02/2023